About Us

Welcome to Ultra Scooter, the South African Portable Personal Transport store.
Our aim is to bring fun to families with our high quality certified range of products.

Customer service is our priority and if you have any queries regarding orders, or any questions about our products or services, we are always available to help.

The story that inspired Ultra Scooter:

When I was fourteen years old one of the kids in my standard came to school with his brand new petrol scooter. I will never forget how all the kids gathered in excitement while he rode around the parking lot.
I still remember the exact thought I had in my mind, “I have to have one!”
That night I asked my parents if they would buy me one for my birthday.
My parents were very quick to tell me that it was too expensive and my scooter dreams were temporarily dashed. Being a determined kid I decided if my parents would not buy me a scooter then its would be up to me to make it happen.
I begin to work every Saturday from 8am to 5pm at the house for my dad.
While my friends were having fun, I was washing cars, painting rooms, varnishing window frames and anything else my dad could think of.
One year of work passed by and I had managed to saved up almost half of the money I needed. Even so it started to feel like I would never have enough money to buy my scooter.
It was at that time that my dad told me he was proud of how hard I had worked and he would match the money that I had saved.
I still remember the immense excitement and accomplishment I felt when my dad and I went to the store to collect my scooter.

I kept that scooter for five years and can’t even begin to tell you all the adventure and happiness that it brought to my life.

The dream that inspired Ultra Scooter is the joy that I know our products bring to both young and old.

Its never to late for a great adventure!

Luke Frankel
Ultra Scooter